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#6031 Brake Booster problem?

Posted by jrrepair1 on 07 April 2013 - 07:34 PM

It appears that the Ecoboost 150's use a electric vacuum pump mounted behind the left headlight.  Possible that it failed, or is having an intermittent electrical connection issue.  I would have the dealer take a look at it and see what they can find.  Check out page 3 of this attachment which details that these have that electric vacuum pump for the brake booster.  Your dealer should already know this, if not run!!  No I do not work for Ford, I work at a  Deutz diesel, and Volvo penta distributer as a tech for a living.  Hope this helps you get to the bottom of your issue. 



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#7097 Brake Booster problem?

Posted by fors479hp on 03 February 2014 - 03:39 PM

I have been doing a google search for this issue because I have issue with my 2012 F150 2wd 3.7 v6 truck. Yes I know it’s not an eco but I just wanted to share my experience. Currently my truck is in the shop for a brake booster problem. The brake light first came on when I was towing a uhaul trailer on route east 50 in MD going uphill the bay bridge. Immediately when I pulled over the brake pedal felt hard for about 4sec then gently slowly released the pressure with a vibration feedback.  . When I got to a safe spot “turned the truck off”, inspected the brake for weird smells, abnormal wear, leaks. Nothing was visible so I got back in my truck and turned it on. The brake light went off. Then I drove 100 miles and the light came back on again! I did the same routine check again. Nothing! Next day I took it to the dealership to have it inspected. The dealership had to do their normal brake check and put me in a rental car and drove it 50 miles to reenact the issue. They told me the mechanic didn’t see any issues or codes so is nothing they can do. Well I suspected that there was a wiring short in the trailer I was towing so I ignored it. 4k miles later I had to do the same trip “with a trailer” and the surprisingly  the brake light came again in the same spot on route 50 east going uphill on the bay bridge. I was kinda in a tight situation because it was a late night trip and the dealership wasn’t open.  Yet again I went back to dealership tell them that apparently there’s gotta be a problem somewhere and I know it is not the trailer. The dealership did their brake check again and said there nothing they can do without a code and the light showing. I figured out that if I turn the truck off the light wont come back on until I drive along time or go back up that bridge. That was the last straw! I told them I can guarantee the brake light will come on when I go the same long trip. So I got hooked up to a uhaul trailer  early morning and drove the same 250 miles round trip just to get that brake light to come on. And so it did come on and parked it back at the dealership just to show them the brake light is on. Now they got the brake light is on the tech was able to quickly do to diagnostic test just to see what error code came. It boiled do to be the brake booster. The catch was to not turn the truck off because if I did the brake light would not come on and I’d have to redo the whole trip over again. Hell I wasn’t gonna drive all that much over again.  Bad enough I had to go thru all that just to prove them wrong. I did take picture of the mileage and brake light message but that wasn’t enough.  After showing them pictures of the issue trying to prove my case the dealership thought I was riding on the ebrake going 60 mph for 250 miles! Im like you guys gotta be kidding me. But overall the issues has been identified and confirmed which leave me with a rental car.

I’ve wasted MONEY, PERSONAL TIME, AND RISKED MY LIFE driving 250miles with hardly any brakes just to prove a point to the dealerSHIT! :/

#6113 New EcoBoost 2013 F150 FX4 owner!

Posted by Latvia1971 on 24 April 2013 - 07:53 PM

New EcoBoost owner and new to the Ecoboost Forum, I did not think I would ever own a Ford ........I was always a Chevy guy.But ........never say never I love My 2013 Ford F150!


Posted by enoughbull on 13 October 2012 - 09:44 AM

I have owned my 2011 Ecoboost for 6 months now, have 8500 miles on it, and am very disappointed with the fuel mileage that I’m getting (best on HWY is 15.8 & worst is 12.7, 14.075 AVG over the 8500 miles on my truck, calculations were done by hand). My 2008 Tundra was getting better mileage than my Ecoboost, and it was lifted 3” with Oversized 20” wheels.
I have read most of the posts on this forum concerning issues people are experiencing with fuel mileage, and the comments from those that are not trying to bash the Ford product. I’m tired of those talking about a break-in period, as I haven’t seen any substantial increase in MPGs over my 8500 miles. I’m also tired of those saying “well it’s a truck you shouldn’t expect great gas mileage”. These people obviously haven’t seen the Ford commercials touting the great fuel economy we are all supposed to be getting! I know there is an issue with my engine when others are getting 17 to 18 in the city and 21 to 23 on the highway.

I have been to my dealer several times complaining of my poor fuel mileage, and why I have black soot around my tailpipe. They finally brought in a Ford field service engineer to look at why my truck was not getting the fuel mileage Ford said I should be getting. He took my truck for a 50 mile road test, and according to the computer he hooked up to my truck, it is getting an average of 17.2 miles per gallon, which is within Fords tolerances. I told the dealership that 50 miles is not a valid test, as it should be hand calculated with a few tanks of gas.

In my frustration I found email addresses for the CEO on down from Ford, and wrote a letter to them voicing my disappointment with my Ecoboost F150. They wrote me back telling me that according to the reports from the Field Service Engineer, there is no issue with my truck. They also said that there is nothing they can do if the computer system does not tell them that there is anything wrong with my truck. I am so done with my F150 and the purchase of any Ford product in the future. I feel that there is a problem with many Ecoboost engines out there, and Ford wants to ignore it. I thought that I had a Friday built truck or a lemon, but the more I read on all of these forums, there is an issue with this engine even if Ford doesn’t want to admit it.

I traded my 2008 Toyota Tundra in on my F150 after viewing the video that Ford produced touting the engineering that went into this truck, the torque it produced, and all this with great fuel economy. Right now I’m trying to find a dealership that will buy my F150 so I can go back to a Tundra! I will have to say that Ford did a great job with the design fit and finish of the Interior on the F150.

You're Tundra NEVER EVER got better fuel economy than the ecoboost. I'm sick of these butthurt people always mentioning toyota like it's some sort of threat. Next time keep your tundra and NEVER EVER buy a ford. The toyota tundra with a 5.7 gets 13mpg highway and 9 mpg city.....if it's a 4.6 it's 15 mpg highway and 10 in the city and ditto for the 4.7. the tundra is a pig on gas and it's well known to everyone but the toyota liars. Now if you have a problem with your new ford then get it fixed or else sell it. I don't know who would buy a tundra that had frames rotting out. tailgates breaking, tranny's overheating, camshafts snapping , crappy fit and finish and just a plain shitty ride. The f150 is 100 times the vehicle.

#4699 Eco-Pig

Posted by gymratt128 on 24 June 2012 - 02:13 PM

I am so sick of hearing everyone cry about gas miliage, u want miliage buy a fucking Prius ok let it go who buys a truck regardless of motor size and worries about gas miliage I buy a new ford truck every 2 years and this ecoboost is the shit beat truck I have ever owned loved the 5.4 but this thing pulls my stuff like its nothing talking 8-10000 lbs never checked mpg cause us truck guys don't give a shit

#4682 Want to know how much weight you are towing ??

Posted by EcoboostKev on 18 June 2012 - 01:22 PM

This our new home away from home!!Posted Image

#4074 New TSB on fuel mileage

Posted by Bubbanewf on 12 March 2012 - 10:27 AM

In town is always where a smaller engine saves gas. ESP. every time its idling.

It does seem to take more gas to do the same high speeds as I used to.
Every time you hit the gas and the turbos are working harder, you will see the mpg gauge drop
The faster you drive over about sixty, the less mpg you will be able to get. Whether they can do better with the eight, I am not sure. But, I couldnt with my 5.4 no matter how hard I tried. At least with the V6, I can
get good mileage when I want to and have the option of great power when I need it. Bottom line is you cant drive at 80 mph and expect to get the advertised 21 mpg. Its not going to happen.

I drive in the hills everyday and mpg goes down as I go up hill and back up as I coast down the other side. I guess FLAT LANDERS are lucky in that they can get that 21 mpg if they want too.

I average 13 mpg pulling my 2500 lbs of trailer load at 65 to 70mph. It goes up to 17 when I get off the Interstate.

If I get an enclosed car hauler/toy hauler I will know better what a heavier load will do to the mileage.

This is my fourth new pickup. It is by far the best of any. My Diesel would haul more trailer but doesnt ride like this truck. I dont need the noise of glasspacks or boom boxes etc and I can say, this truck is quiet!

I had it Rhino lined and that is about the only option I needed to add. I wouldnt mind having some extra HID lights, but traffic has gotten so you can hardly use your bright lights anymore.

2012 SC 373 rear 5.5 bed , max tow.

#3924 Disappointing fuel mileage

Posted by Code3 on 03 March 2012 - 02:29 PM

Well, I have 3,500 miles on my 2012 F150 EB. The fuel mileage has dropped drastically and appears to have leveled out at 13 MPG in the city and 15.5 on the highway. I keep the cruise at 73 MPH on the interstate and baby the truck when driving. Even in the 60 MPH range I still get nearly the same mileage. Flat land or hilly terrain the mileage is the same. I love the truck but am absolutely mad over the fuel mileage. The dealer tells me that over 50% of the EB's they are selling are coming back with fuel mileage problems and, at this point, there is no fix for it from Ford. Mine is getting nowhere near what the mileage rating is and I feel that I have been ripped off by Ford. My brother-in-law has a 2011 F150 EB w/ 21,000 miles and is getting similar fuel mileage. Folks, do you remember the recent court case in California where a lady sued Honda in small claims court over her cars fuel mileage and got her $10,000 claim? I believe that $10,000 would make up the difference in fuel costs. I'll give the truck about 10,000 more miles to be sure it is "broken in" and then I will decide what I am going to do. Not only am I disappointed with Ford but, I am also disappointed with Ford's claim of good fuel mileage and I am mad that they have taken my hard earned money. I think we all should step up and call Ford's bluff on their fuel mileage rating. Good luck.

#6305 AFE Stage II Air intake

Posted by Limited on 03 July 2013 - 09:08 AM

I find this so funny. Not to be disrespectful of you guys but I heard the same comments on the corvette forum years ago when folks put on their after market air induction systems. Listen, it has been proven time and time again that sticking a colored air filter with a larger diameter hose will do absolutly nothing for performance. I have seen it proven many times on the dyno. Not to mention the human being can not really detect a horsepower change under an increase of 50 hp. We all have a butt dyno that tells us since we spent 200+ bucks on this or that air intake system it MUST increase the power not to mention the gas mileage. There is simply not that much of an improvement and sometimes the reduction in micron filtration size of after market filters that advertise better air flow will actually hurt performance not improve it. Not to mention the damage you can do to your computer tune and potentially your warranty. Think real hard and do a lot of reading before you throw away your money on something that will not give you a performance boost. If you want the neat look and hear the air rushing in the filter system.....go ahead and go for it. Just don't expect an real performance change except for what your butt dyno tells you and keep in mind........you know your looking for an improvement. After all you just spent 200+ bucks on ths intake. :doh:

#5918 Superchips Flashpaq Tuner #1868 for 2012 EcoBoost

Posted by ultraflame on 14 March 2013 - 12:51 PM

Good News and Bad News.  I am now keeping the truck from the Lease.  I am loosing my job and the company is allowing me to buy it from their lease for $5,900. so of course I would be stupid not to buy it.  I have had it since day one and it is now a year old with 23K miles.  Glad I hadn't taken everything else off of it yet.  Going to need a vehicle anyway to look for a new job....

#5496 12V Power Source That Turns ON & OFF with the ignition

Posted by Pottsy on 27 December 2012 - 06:08 AM

Hi fella's... I am new to this forum and just bought a F-150, 2012, 4x4, 3:73, E-locker, Crew Cab, Ecoboost... I love the truck and that engine runs great! I was wanting to find a 12V power source that would turn on and off with the ignition so that I could have my GPS unit turn on & off with the truck.


Here is what I came up with.


1. Bought a 12V socket from the local auto parts store that I could hardwire in to the system with a inline fuse.


2. Opened the access panel on the passenger side of the dash so that I could probe the power connections for a good source.


3. Locate large grey connection with large green & yellow wire and use wire splice connector.


4. Attached positive wire to fused inline wire on the 12V socket kit.


5. Attach negative ground wire to good chassis ground.


6. Open and pull out grove box and the open and pull top dash panel.


7. Plug GPS male plug into 12v socket and the snake wires up thru dash and out dash panel hole.

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#5461 Delaware!

Posted by fgeiger on 21 December 2012 - 07:21 AM

We are here!  :yahoo:


Posted by johnny837 on 14 November 2012 - 07:54 AM

Im sorry you guys are having all these problems..with your ECOBOOST..as for me.. I love my truck my highway mileage is 24.9 and around the city im getting 17.8...so far so good..Ive learn using curse control works best on the highway.. :banvictory: I dont have it with all the tow pakage..yet it did come with some.. 3:15 rear.. so think I can tow 8400lbs..which is good enough for any size boat that i may want to pull... my SC was built on 8/12..maybe thats it not sure..just some times ppl end up with lemons.. its a fact..well good luck to all..hope all your problems work out.. B)

#4358 Front End Appearance

Posted by badjacob on 16 April 2012 - 06:20 PM

Posted Image


#4316 1100 mile trip average

Posted by scrowe on 10 April 2012 - 04:34 PM

Let us know what kind of mpg you get when the truck has 4000 to 5000 miles on it. My mileage went from 17mpg around town and 19 on the highway to 19.5 around town and 22(@ 70mph) and sometimes 24mpg(@60mph) on the highway when it reached 4100 miles.
I should also add that I am an old man and drive like one.

#3575 Driver's Display

Posted by Bubbanewf on 30 January 2012 - 08:35 AM

Earlier on this forum, one guy admitted to still being in High School. Its hard to tell who actually has a truck and who just dreams of having a truck! But, this is the real world. Not STAR TREK!

Some of us actually remember when you had to stand on the brakes to get a veh. to stop after driving at high speed, no power steering, no AC, crank up windows, stick shifts on the column, starter buttons on the floor, high beam buttons on the floor, hand controlled chokes, and so on. The latest generation brought up on throw away diapers and tissues, who never heard of a hand kerchief (pronounced hankerchief) or touched a nasty diaper, have lived in a world of electronic wizardry playing video games where all information is to be had a the touch of a button. Thats fine when its all free. But, to have such a ship for daily commuting is not within the realm of reality quite yet.
In other words: a low tire pressure warning is good enough. If you want to know more, get your fat body out of the truck and stick a pressure gauge on the little black thing sticking out from the wheel. :hysterical:

Sgt Ermey
Troll Patrol


Posted by Shrill on 20 January 2012 - 05:31 PM

Manual states at the bottom of page 397 that, "Your vehicle is designed to run on regular fuel with an octane rating of 87 or higher. For best overall performance, premium fuel with an octane rating of 91 or higher is recommended. The performance gained by using premium fuel will be most noticeable in hot weather or in severe duty conditions such as towing a trailer." If a vehicle manufacturer recommends something specific to my vehicle, then by God I will do it. I've seen a lot of bad things happen to cars whose owners ignored recommendations made by the manufacturer. I know it will almost certainly be okay on 87, but I'm not taking any chances and I'm definitely not going to go the cheap way out when it comes to my vehicle.

#3028 Factory Brake Controller

Posted by oldguy on 10 December 2011 - 08:45 AM

Has anyone bought the Factory Brake controller for their Ecoboost? I would really like to get it for the convenience and the cleanliness of the install. Does anyone know if it's plug and play or does it have to be hardwired? Thanks for any help in advance. Keith

Very easy plug and play and then take it to the dealer so they can hook up their computer and activate it in the truck computer. The install for the 2010 is the same as 2011. Read the atached link for complete directions.


#2577 What gas mileage are you getting?

Posted by rcmcmullen on 27 October 2011 - 10:48 AM

I've added the following:

Husky Liner, Weatherbeater floor mats
Dash Designs, velour dash mat
Husky Liner splash guards
Stampede, clear bug deflector
"3.5L twin turbo" decals on the hood
"EcoBoost" on the windshield

which one are you inquiring about?

Of the ones listed the only one I could see is the "EcoBoost" on the windshield. Where did you get it? Can you post pics of the others? I'd also be interested in the clear bug deflector. Thanks!


#1379 Has anybody done the exhaust yet?

Posted by kraftyHD on 05 June 2011 - 11:19 AM

Just asking a question:
What are you hoping to get for your investment?


With all due respect, it's none of your business what I hope to get for my investment, nor is it relevant to the question I presented. I'm not interested in a debate about a factory vs. aftermarket exhaust, warranty issues, etc.

I simply asked for anyone to relay their direct experience of putting an aftermarket exhaust on a F150 Ecoboost pick up.